Sunday, 30 January 2011

30th January 2011

It's getting lighter in the evenings so that means I can work later without having to use lights.

I had a weekend in the studio and have made loads of beads, some good, some not so good but it's great just being in there with plenty of ideas. Still have lots to do before Kempton but I still have a bit of time left.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

12th January 2011

Happy New Year!
So far the new one hasn't been much of an improvement on the old one.
Not much torch time, problems health-wise but I have a wonderful family who are always there for me to be thankful for :)

New resolutions - make more beads, list more beads, sell more beads. I'm starting a new study course which I am excited about after the success of the last one.

The pretty snow has been replaced with dreary rain but the days are getting lighter and warmer.

The bead fair starts soon with Kempton on 6th February and I really looking forward to seeing everyone again.