Saturday, 7 November 2009

7th November 2009

A whole weekend stretches out in front of me and I have so much I want to fill it with that something won't get done!
The garden is beckoning, not least because all the leaves are piled up in untidy heaps. I will be happy with a tidy but overgrown view from my conservatory.
Beads of course. One week to Newmarket and as usual the closer a fair gets the more ideas I have and the less time I get to make them! This will be the last bead fair we are doing before the new year, and is usually a very good one. Newmarket has a lovely feel to it and the customers know their lampwork.

Monday, 2 November 2009

2nd November 2009

Back to work (school) today after a week of half term.
I did enjoy myself at Harrogate Bead Fair at the beginning of the week. I had the other Fyrebirds, Shirley & Trudi for company, and saw some friends to catch up with (Martin, Teresa & Jo) plus had a successful time too. Couldn't be better!
The end of the week saw me visiting my parents and sisters as well as getting the coolest sign ever put on the back window of my Little Dragon Mini. Now everyone will know who I am - better make sure I drive well!