Monday, 29 August 2011

29th August 2011

Long long time since I posted on here. The school holidays are over in 2 days & then I'll have to go back to work.

Lots of things have happened.

Becky graduated from Durham and is off to London, Geran is going to Derby University.

I'm going to be home alone with Graeme & Jack the cat. It's going to be lonely :(

I will still have my glass. I took a couple of classes with Di East (my first ever) and have learnt a little about making aquatic paperweights. Very exciting stuff. I have made two so far and I'm reasonably pleased with both. Just need to get rid of a few of those bubbles.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

8th March 2011

My birthday and I'm now older than I like to think about!
Lots of lovely pressies, cards and good wishes from lots of friends which made me very happy.

I went to Harrogate Bead Fair, with my fellow Fyrebird Shirley, at the weekend and we sold more than last year which is very encouraging. Had a wicked Indian meal on Saturday night with some great people and stayed in a very comfortable hotel.

Not long til Flame Off now, about 4 weeks - and by then I need to be stocked up again. Lots more hours at the torch, not that I mind at all!

Monday, 7 February 2011

7th February 2011

Kempton Bead Fair has been & gone. Long drive but I stayed over at Mum's so wasn't too bad. Hate driving on the M25 at night when it's dark & busy. I was very tense, but survived!

The fair was quiet, but we did ok. We were next to Tuffnell's stand so Martin entertained us & gave us cake.

Next fair is Harrogate - 2 days & usually very worth going to. Having missed out in October I am really looking forward to it, although I'll need plenty of stock.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

30th January 2011

It's getting lighter in the evenings so that means I can work later without having to use lights.

I had a weekend in the studio and have made loads of beads, some good, some not so good but it's great just being in there with plenty of ideas. Still have lots to do before Kempton but I still have a bit of time left.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

12th January 2011

Happy New Year!
So far the new one hasn't been much of an improvement on the old one.
Not much torch time, problems health-wise but I have a wonderful family who are always there for me to be thankful for :)

New resolutions - make more beads, list more beads, sell more beads. I'm starting a new study course which I am excited about after the success of the last one.

The pretty snow has been replaced with dreary rain but the days are getting lighter and warmer.

The bead fair starts soon with Kempton on 6th February and I really looking forward to seeing everyone again.